Tooth discoloration and staining is a relatively common problem.
Coffee and tea, among other food and drink, contribute to the discoloration of teeth over time.

If you're looking for a fast way to dramatically whiten your teeth, Zoom2 Chair side Whitening System may be the answer for you.
Zoom2 Whitening is very safe while under the supervision of a trained dentist, like Dr. Carvalho It is one of the safest procedures in cosmetic dentistry. However, we do not recommend this procedure for pregnant women or children under age 13.

Facts about zoom2:
Faster, More Comfortable & More Effective.
33% FASTER - An average of 8 shades in just 45 minutes.
67% Less Sensitivity - Zoom2 patients experience 67% less sensitivity than those treated with the original Zoom! system - a system heralded for its low sensitivity characteristics.
EASIER - The new zoom2 advanced optical guidance system ensures quick, precise patient set-up for optimal results.

BriteSmile Whitening System
This method is used to whiten teeth using only two simple elements: gel and light
This light has been clinically proven safe for tooth enamel as well as skin, gums, and other soft tissues. It emits virtually no heat and no harmful UV (ultraviolet) light
Whitening gel, which has been optimized for patient safety and maximum results? While other whitening gels contain as much as 35%-50% hydrogen peroxide, BriteSmile's proprietary gel contains only 15% peroxide and is buffered at a near-neutral pH value that is compatible with tooth enamel. The gel also contains other ingredients such as glycerin and highly purified water to prevent tooth dehydration.

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