Commonly known as “Professional cleaning” involves the use of hand instruments and ultrasonic scalers to detect and remove deposits of plaque on the teeth.
Tooth Scaling:
Scaling may be defined as a procedure to remove calculus (tartar), soft deposits (plaque) and stains from the teeth. Calculus removal is part of each professional tooth cleaning.

Tooth Polishing:

Tooth Polishing may be defined as a procedure to remove stains remaining on the teeth after thorough scaling.

Tooth polishing is not a procedure that cleans infected, diseased gum tissue and root surfaces. This is only a superficial cleaning and will not eliminate disease or get it under control. However it is a preventive procedure and is a first-line defense against catastrophic dental problems.

Tooth cleaning should be done by your dentist or a licensed professional in the dental office as the improper use of a prophy cup and abrasive paste can have harmful effects on the teeth.
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