Full mouth rehabilitation is a complete restoration of every tooth in the mouth. Anyone with worn, chipped, or broken teeth is a good candidate for full mouth rehabilitation dentistry. This procedure seeks to rebuild every tooth in the mouth and requires truly qualified dentists to complete treatment.

If your teeth appear short and worn, or completely overlap your bottom teeth, or if you experience pain in the jaw joint, headaches, back pain, muscle tenderness or clicking or popping of the jaw, then you should consider this procedure.

Full-mouth rehabilitation involves a preparation appointment and a seating appointment. During the preparation appointment, the doctor will remove all of your old restorations and any decay that has occurred. Then, impressions of the underlying healthy tooth structure are made and temporary teeth are made. These temporaries are worn until the final appointment, About three weeks later. At the seating appointment, your temporaries are removed and the final restorations are placed, creating the beautiful smile you never thought you could have.

The goal of treatment is to properly align the jaw and rebuild damaged teeth. Jaw position is typically corrected using a plastic orthotic that fits over the top of the teeth. Teeth are restored with veneers, crowns, or onlays. Depending on the patient, a prosthesis may be used. The result is an attractively enhanced smile using durable materials that will stand the tests of time.
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