The two types of dentures are.

1) Cast Partial Dentures:

Cast partial dentures are fabricated using cast metal denture base with minimum thickness and palatal coverage. This type of denture is used incases where retention of the denture is compromised and needs sturdy metal clasps to keep the denture in place. Minimum palatal coverage of the denture allows the patient to feel his oral tissues without any hindrance as in other denture materials.
2) Valplast Flexible Partial Dentures:

Valplast flexible partial dentures are a new innovation in the field of dentistry. The denture base material used is flexible and is claimed to be a virtually unbreakable material by the manufacturers. Being flexible allows the denture to avoid transferring stresses on to the adjacent teeth and tissues thus minimizing the trauma of having a partial denture. he color of the denture base matches with the oral tissues to perfection and eliminates the use of metal clasps as in other partial dentures. It takes a week and two to three visits to complete the procedure.

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Dentures are basically false teeth made to replace teeth you have lost.
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